A day in the life of a developer

The work of a web developer is sometimes not routine, given that you have to deal with different aspects of how web on a daily basis. However, this ought not to be a hard task, especially if you are doing it out of passion.

My web development passion started about four years ago when my girlfriend asked me to develop a website for her online boutique. Of course I couldn’t let down all her trust in me, even though I wasn’t sure about the web development as of that moment. Four years down the line, I have gathered quite a lot of knowledge regarding web development. I now manage quite a lot of websites, some for my clients, my girlfriend’s whom I’m planning to marry in the next couple of months and mine. I actually have two websites. Read on to know what I do on a daily basis.

Wake up time

Typically, I wake up at around 5 o’clock every morning. At first, this was a little bit hard, but over the years, I think I have gotten used to waking up that early every day.

Just like any other job, you have to be serious about web development. And waking up early gives you the gist you so much need to see you through the day’s activities. In the chilly morning, I take a cup of coffee(made from my handy espresso machine) to make my mind alert for the net task.


Actually, I don’t have an office for my work. So everything I do with my web development work is done in my house, where I live all alone, except when girlfriend or brother comes by.

Prepare the laptop

While I understand that using a desktop computer is much preferred by most of the web developers, I have a different taste. I always use my laptop for my work.

So after taking a cup of coffee, I set up my laptop ready for work. This is usually around 5:30 AM. The first thing to check when I turn on the laptop is the emails, to see whether or not my clients have an issue that needs to be sorted out. If there are something that needs my attention, I quickly respond to it before proceeding to the next activity.


After that, the next task I usually to check on the performance of the websites that I manage. Given that they are quite many, this might take a little bit of time. But it is worth it, given that if any of them is not working properly, that would mean loss of revenue both for me and the client. There are various tools for testing the performance of the website. My choice of the tool actually depends on the kind of issue I want to test.

Schedule a meeting with my team

After doing the basics, it is time now to meet with the team that I work with in managing the various projects. Remember that I have to provide content for most of my clients’ websites, of course at the client’s expense. At around 8 o’clock, I check with my team of writers to check on the progress with the various projects that I have assigned to each one of them.


After checking on the progress of the ongoing projects, I take a look at what I need to do for the day. In most cases, this is programming and designing clients’ websites. This is usually the bulk of the work, given that it might take quite a lot of time. However, the amount of time spent programming and designing a website actually depends on the purpose of the site. For simple blogging sites, it might be easy and only require a little time. But for e-commerce sites, it might take quite long. This is because of the functionalities that are supposed to be installed for it to work effectively. This would go on until around lunch time.

After lunch

Managing websites can be very tedious. This is because you might be forced to repeat tasks two or even three times a day.

After lunch, I have to come back and check on the websites to see if there are some issues that need my attention. Such things that might need my attention include broken links, page load times and many others.


Given that technology is constantly changing, I have to be on the lookout for any new technologies that can help improve my client’s websites and their performance. This is why in most cases, I have to do some research in the afternoon to see which are these new methods that might have been discovered.

At the same time, the afternoon hours will be spent trying to collaborate with other players in web development. People such as content creators and graphic designers are essential when it comes to web development. This is why I have to create time and find ways in which we can collaborate.

4PM: Have a walk

Just like any other job, overworking leads to fatigue. This is why at around 4 pm, I have to get out and have a walk with friends or meet my girlfriend. At this time, there is no much to do with my web development work given that I would have covered most of what is needed during the day.

Typically, my web development work ends at around 4pm.