What’s the best way to learn WordPress?

Whether you are thinking of running a simple blog or a fully-fledged e-commerce platform, you must first know how to use WordPress. This is because, surveys have shown that WordPress is currently running over 17% of the internet, and this is rising very fast.

It thus makes sense if as an aspiring blogger or online seller thinking of starting a website for your shop, learn about this software and where to get these valuable WordPress skills.

Various sources can help you learn WordPress skills. Some of them are absolutely free while others come at a premium. Those that require you to pay, of course, are more structured and are of better quality.


What do you need to learn WordPress?

While many people think that learning WordPress is hard, the truth is it is not. All you need is spare a few hours every day for a week or so to learn. Also, you must have some basic research skills that will enable you to navigate through google looking for best learning resources. The ability to follow instructions is also mandatory if you want to learn WordPress in a few days.

Let us now look at the easy and simple to follow steps that will see you become a WordPress “guru” within the shortest time possible.

Step 1: Initial setup

At the start, you need to install and setup WordPress. At this point, you have to choose between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Both of these actually give the same experience.

After this, you now need to choose a domain and hosting. A domain is simply your website address. Being able to select the best domain name is an added advantage given that it will have an impact on your SEO strategies.

After getting your favorite domain name, the next thing is to register it with a WordPress hosting service provider.

Step 2: Learning the basics

Now that you have installed and setup your WordPress, it is now time to start familiarizing yourself with the system. You can set time and watch the free WordPress video series for beginners, which is a perfect way to learn most of the basics that you will have to deal with when operating the WordPress software. Most of the WordPress commonly used terms can be found in the WordPress dictionary, a tool that every beginner must have when learning how to use this software.


Step 3: learn the plugins

There are plenty of plugins that can be used with WordPress. Learning their functionality is a big step towards knowing how to use WordPress. However, as a beginner, you are likely to get confused with which plugin to use. It is thus necessary that you learn how to choose a good WordPress plugin before you start installing them.

Step 4: Learn the themes

Your website’s look is controlled by the theme you use. The good thing is, you do not need to know how to create or design them as they have been pre-made and all you need to do is install. After installing a theme, you can then customize it to fit your site.


Step 5: Customize WordPress

Now that you have everything put in place, it is time for you to customize your WordPress site to suit your needs. How the site looks like will reflect the purpose of the site. You can learn how to customize WordPress site using WordPress tutorials found online.