How I got into web development

Me, circa 2017. Dig the beard!

The internet provides quite a number of opportunities for people across the globe. It is no longer just a way to disseminate information but a perfect wealth creator for many people. I had not known about the opportunities until I acquired my first computer. You see, I had always been a kind of analogue guy. Most, I only believed in focusing on my university grades and using my simple phone to make call and send text.

Right now, things have changed a lot and I spend most of my time building and developing custom WordPress themes. Today, I have grown much in my familiarity with using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Let me tell you how it all started.


Friends influence

So am sitting in the library doing my own things, in hard books of course, when I notice this guy next to me busy on his laptop. I noticed that what he was doing was no related to what he was supposed to be studying because I knew the course he was taking. Immediately we leave the library I am disturbed; I decided to make a joke about it.

The answer he gave me next makes me realize I have been sitting on a gold mine. To put it simply, I have been doing assignments for other students from the ICT centre earning small money from time to time. Now it dawned on me that I could do much more.

Apart from this, I have been getting involved in gaming a lot whenever I get free time. Just simple games from cyber cafes which helped me get a bit of knowledge about online staff. Not having my own computer meant depending on cyber cafes and college computer laboratory.

So when my friend introduced me to what he was doing, I decided to buy my own computer. And that is how the internet became my greatest tool. What motivated me is that I needed money and there were easy ways to make it using the internet.

I started with freelance article writing

Writing articles for other web owners has been working to me for as long as I can remember. After acquiring a writing account, it became part of my daily activities as it showed me better ways to make money.

Writing is quite fun apart from being a gold mine. I wrote about many different topics, and in so doing my knowledge on the internet increased. Turns out, the more you read through different things, the more your knowledge increases widely.


One day, it hit me to find out how the people I was writing for were able to pay me. And the idea of ads filled my mind.

One day I saw an image that I was supposed to write about. It looked like a website which I tried to click on but there was no response. My initial reaction was, “this is stupid” as I had not noticed yet, it is called web design. I was supposed to write about web development, a completely new topic to me. That was back in 2015 when I found a new interest and learning how to build websites.

I tried and failed far too many times

I started creating a few designs of my own which made me feel great and proud on myself. In fact I created a few websites of my own and launched them on the internet.

I started showing them to other people to find their opinion. It disappointed me a lot though because they were clicking on the navigations but there was no reaction. It dawned on me that maybe what I was doing was not the right thing. I almost gave up because I did not really understand how to go about it.

A realization came to me that they just did not understand either as they kept telling me to fix the things that were not working. Explaining to people that it was only a design and another person would work on it was quite hard.

I felt that no one care after I had put in a lot of work in creating them. So it was kind of natural that I was going to be disappointed.

Then coding came to mind

How cool would it be it if I can actually code them and make them work? That is the idea that came into my mind. That was the time how is started my journey in web development from scratch for the very first time. I took my time to read through all the necessary materials on the subject taking notes and trying out CSS ad HTML. Is started coding simple layouts and they worked. And that is how content writing helped me develop my passion.

1_EL67FBAkuwI8vP132UftEg.jpegNext step for me

After a while, I discovered JavaScript and the importance it carries in web development. I am still learning it today and I hope to be perfect soon.